Harrison Bader-Golden Glover | NY Mets

Lets GO Yankees!!!!!

Watch a 60 second video highlight of the Golden Glove Winner strength training and active stretching with new Sport Edition.

Harrison Bader purchased a CastleFlexx in 2022 to his St. Louis Cardinals training facility as he was struggling with a severe case of plantar fasciitis. Its an injury that feels like you are walking on glass and as of today, there is no device we are aware of that can address this issue more effectively or faster than The CastleFlexx. He then began training with Dan Castle to address that issue and increase his batting power.

A few weeks later Harrison was signed to the Yankees and in his first playoff series he hit 5 homeruns, more than any other Yankee including Aaron Judge :)

We are addicted to Harrison and all that he represents on and off the field and he's made CastleFlexx part of his daily training routine.

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